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All photographs of the squirrels and birds were taken through my kitchen window in Mississippi, USA.

Even though these animals are beautiful and cute, they can also be very funny!   I love trying to guess what they might be thinking!

Fun Photos

Cardinals are a Stately bird.

The Northern Cardinal is called the “state bird” in the United States because it holds the records for holding that title in the most number of states - 7. The states include North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia.

Blue jays are bright blue on top and whitish gray on the belly and chin. They have a gray-blue, feather crested head, which they can raise and lower. The feathers on their wings and tails are bright blue with white and black bands. Blue jays also have a collar of black feathers across the throat and continuing around the head.

Blue Jays have wonderful markings.

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Fun Photos

Cardinals love singing.

The female Northern Cardinal sings, often from the nest. The song may give the male information about when to bring food to the nest. A mated pair shares song phrases, but the female may sing a longer and slightly more complex song than the male.


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